New gigs added!

We got some new gigs added to our tour schedule. First we’re playing the Get A Gig Festival @ Mariebergsskogen, Karlstad. We’ll hit stage at 20.10, so make sure to be there in time with a decent amount of beer in your belly.

Next we’re playing The Heavy Metal Night in Kil at the bar Chilinn Sept 4th. We’re gonna rip the place apart together with the boys from the band Fretless. This is gonna be one helluva night!

The weekend after that we’re gonna play Oslo and shake the walls of mighty rock club Elm Street. We’re not sure Freddie Kr├╝ger himself will be there, but everybody else will! Doors open 21.00.

Stay true, and if you wanna make sure you’ll not miss out on any good stuff, join our facebook page!

Posted by Jon on 08/23/2010 | Filed in: News